Welcome to the landing page for exploring my portfolio.  In the interest of making this site easier to navigate, I have divided the portfolio into themed galleries so it is easier to find what you are looking for.  This new layout also allows me to quickly add new galleries so that I can update more frequently.  Click on the link to be taken to the gallery.  

Some pictures will appear in  multiple galleries, for example, the photo entitled "Gumballs" will appear in both my general still life gallery, as well as my themed "Colors in Our World" gallery.  Every photo seen here is available for purchase, either through me, or through my 3rd party gallery on DeviantArt.  Any artwork that I can print in house will be done in house (up to size 8x10"). DeviantArt has other products available, including canvas wrap prints, mugs, magnets, and coasters (for selected photos).   
This gallery features Asian/Far East themes or landmarks from Asian countries.  If it came from the Far East, then you can find it here.  This is an open gallery and will be updated with new pieces as they become available.  
"Out of the Blue"
This gallery features artwork whose dominant color is blue. While blue tends to be associated with depression and sadness, I tend to associate it with a calming nature.  The sky and the sea are both blue, and looking at both offers an infinite possibilty of contemplation.  Carribbean Blue also happens to be one of my favorite colors.   
General Still Life Photography
All still-life/studio posed photography.  Many of the images in this gallery are also featured in other, themed galleries.
"By the Water's Edge"
I have recently rediscovered my passion for all things nautical and boating related.  This gallery features scenes from the sea and river side, many with a nautical theme. 
"Flora and Fauna"
Pretty much what the title says.  Plants, flowers, and animals. 
"Miscellaneous Portraits and Commissions"
Portraits of people, pets, and events that I have shot, including Peninsula Musical Arts Association, Sacramento State University Japan Day, and commissions of house portraits.  If you are interested in commissioning , please contact me.